Web Analytics Consulting and Implementation

Web Analytics and Google Analytics Specialists

Performance tracking and testing are the keys to success in all online marketing and advertising efforts. The true beauty of online marketing lies in the ability to track each visit and make an determination of how valuable a traffic source or user action may be.

Nimble Candle begins each engagement by ensuring that analytics tracking is properly implemented. We also audit each site to determine key conversion points, including contact forms, shopping cart completions, file downloads, and more.

Moving Beyond Google AdWords and Analytics

Incorporating Google AdWords into Google Analytics is quite easy. It’s when successful campaigns expanded to other platforms that the trouble begins. Since paid traffic originating from Bing Ads, Facebook, and other paid platforms is not automatically incorporated into Google Analytics, we work to make sure that each ad is tagged and tracked for analysis and optimization.

Custom Reporting and Advanced Analytics Features

Each client receives custom reporting to fit their individual needs. When necessary we also take advantage of advanced analytics features such as virtual page views, event tracking, etc.

Web Analytics Expertise

We’re experts at meeting whatever web analytics challenge may arise. Contact us today!